Wysdom Introduction

Watch this short video to learn the benefits of Wysdom.

Interview with CrowdCare CEO and President

Ian Collins (CEO) and Jeff Brunet (President) give an overview of CrowdCare and the Wysdom multi-channel enterprise bot that uses AI to deliver fast automated customer service.

Ian Collins Interview

This is an interview Ian did with Dūcere. Dūcere develops the world’s foremost industry relevant higher education courses.

How To Use The DeviceAid Feature In The MyRogers App

Have you explored the new DeviceAid feature in your MyRogers app? Learn how you can troubleshoot issues right from your device!

Rogers DeviceAid

This is the new Rogers DeviceAid Video. This video is a great introduction to the new DeviceAid App that is powered by Wysdom.

CrowdCare Overview

This is a high-level overview of the Wysdom product.

Comment obtenir de l’aide sur votre téléphone grâce à ApparAide

ApparAide simplifie l’utilisation de votre téléphone intelligent. Découvrez des astuces pour votre téléphone.