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01 Aug

China lays out plan for AI dominance by 2030

  By Tony Vlismas Approx. read: 7 minutes Last week, China revealed its plans for artificial intelligence development as a nation; the country intends to pursue a “first-mover advantage” to become the “premier global AI innovation center” by 2030. The Chinese government is determined to aggressively make up any ground lost in recent years in […]

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25 Jul

Chatbots Ranked? Forrester’s Top 10 For Enterprise is Missing 2 Key Criteria

  By Tony Vlismas Approx. read: 7 minutes In a recent ranking of Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service, Forrester Research detailed the 10 criteria by which they judged solutions in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) based digital care. Specifically they include machine learning, intent engines, dialog management, natural language understanding on the AI side, […]

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Data Is No Commodity, Neither In AI Nor Digital Care
05 Jul

Data Is No Commodity, Neither In AI Nor Digital Care

  By Tony Vlismas Approx. read: 5-10 mins. Artificial intelligence is a bankable buzzword, but its use pales in comparison to the most recent hype-laden phrase: data. Data is a big part of how AI works in all of its implementations, and given data’s importance, many opinion pieces and quick-hit news stories try to simplify […]

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21 Jun

Don’t Let Bad Bots Make A Poor First Impression

By Tony Vlismas Approx. read: 5-10 mins. Digital customer care poised to be an area of significant savings for consumer facing business’s bottom line in the coming years. No wonder companies are turning to quick-fixes to rapidly implement such solutions; chatbots provide a relatively immediate and inexpensive tool which provide the illusion of a more […]

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Mary Meeker report
15 Jun

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Hint at Increasing Adoption of AI in Consumer Space

By Tony Vlismas Approx. read: 5-10 mins. There are surefire signs that spring is transitioning into summer: Google’s I/O, Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. 2017 is no different. What has changed this year is the focus – amongst the consistent news of mobile growth and internet usage was data which […]

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13 Jun

AI in the Consumer Space

By the CrowdCare Team Approx. 10-15 min. read   Artificial intelligence is no longer some term thrown around by programmers, engineers, or Hollywood producers. AI is now a major selling point for consumer products, both software and hardware, in how they can automate tasks and make the purchaser’s life that much easier. As you’ll find, […]

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17 Apr

CrowdCare to Deploy AI Virtual Agent in Facebook Messenger for Tier-One North American Carrier

CrowdCare is set to turn on Wysdom in Facebook Messenger for a tier-one North American communications and media giant. The virtual agent is powered by artificial intelligence and can provide quick, accurate responses to more than 100,000 actual subscriber questions. Toronto, ON – April 17, 2017 – CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced […]

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13 Apr

CrowdCare Appoints Tony Vlismas to Oversee Marketing and Help Drive Continued Adoption of AI Virtual Agent for the Enterprise

As a proven marketing leader with an extensive background in several notable startups, Tony Vlismas will help CrowdCare communicate its success as an innovator and leader in cognitive digital care powered by artificial intelligence. Toronto, ON – April 13th, 2017 – CrowdCare Corporation, provider of the world’s most advanced cognitive digital care solution for the […]

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